Bush & Bowie & Bianca

I found this entertaining snippet today over at Daily Kos:

NEW YORK (AP) Rock diva and human rights activist Bianca Jagger reacted with puzzlement and disbelief Thursday night when told that the President of the United States was looking for her in Washington.

"I've never even met the bastard," said the 60-year old ex-wife of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. "Unless it was during my blackout period . . . or his blackout period. Was he ever involved with David Bowie?"

Jagger angrily denied rumors that she had been prompted by White House staffers to ask the president a softball question about his work on behalf of human rights. "Human rights? Are you out of your mind? The man has been a absolute disaster for human rights. The only question I want to ask him is when will he do the right thing and hand himself in to the International Criminal Court . . . Are you sure he was never involved with David Bowie?"

No matter what - or who - David Bowie was doing three decades ago, I think it's safe to assume that he would never have lowered himself and associated with a slug such as Dubya.

Speaking of Bowie, have you listened to his last three albums? Absolutely great stuff! The best albums he has recorded since the early 1980s.


John in Atlanta said...

You are absolutely correct. The new Bowie stuff is beginning to rival the old Bowie stuff.

I received the new Stones CD for my birthday. I don't think I've purchased a Stones recording since Tattoo You. This new one, Bigger Bang, is actually pretty darn good. Of course Sweet Neocon is my favorite track so far.

Jimbob said...

Being the Beatlemaniac that you are, how is the new Paul McCartney CD ?

John in Atlanta said...

Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard is pretty darn good. There are only about 2 songs that I don't care for. McCartney is one of the few artists whose CDs I buy without having a clue what I'm in for. I wasn't disappointed with this one. It may not be for everyone but for people who think McCartney can do no wrong (or at least very little wrong) then they'll probably enjoy it.