Wing-nuts at it again - or should I say still?

If you've read a single right-wing blog in the last 48 hours you've come across it at least once, but just in case here's the background: some right-winger somewhere found a picture of 200 school busses immersed in water. The picture is now the rallying cry to blame Mayor Nagin and not Dubya for thousands of people dying in New Orleans, because while Bush recieved memos and briefings days in advance that the city should be evacuated of several hundred thousand people and given temporary housing, the Mayor is actually the one to blame for not ordering imaginary bus drivers to drive 200 busses, fill them with people, and drive them to imaginary states that had imaginary relief centers set up to handle the imaginary Federal State of Emergency that hadn't yet been called at the time Nagin would have done all this.

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