Loving the feel of Vehicle Modification

One of the many urban problems that the city of Bangkok faces is youngsters racing motorcycles in the street at all hours of the night. Several local neighborhoods have tried to rid themselves from this noisy and dangerous public nuisance but to no avail.

But Bangkok city officials are not unreasonable to compromise and have met with young racers in an attempt to find more appropriate places for them to conduct their high-speed hobby. The motorcyclists have requested a series of four-lane tracks, scattered around the city, so that they can race without disrupting normal traffic and sleeping neighbors. In addition to these designated tracks, the racers have asked for a separate pit paddock, a clinic, and even an ambulance to assist their accident-prone brethren

In an article in the Bangkok Post this week, one teenager defended the street racing, saying that the “love of speed and vehicle modification” brought he and his friends closer together. Ah, yes, nothing like those emotional automotive bonds!

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Jimbob said...

Just last night I was driving home on I-4 and a guy on a motorcycle blew by me DOING A WHEELIE! Must have been going 70-75 mph --- kind of impressive but at the same time stupid as all hell. Here in Orlando illegal street racing of cars has been a problem for several years. They shut it down in one place, it just pops up somewhere else. Just like in the movie " The Fast and The Furious ". Ah well, I remember my days of being young, dumb and full of cum with my 350 4 barrel Chevy Monte Carlo jacked up on air-shocks over Cragar mags and wide tires. The cars may change but the thrill remains the same !