The Vent from the AJC


Note to George: You can’t file bankruptcy with our country like you did your two companies.

The reason young Jeb Bush is partying, getting arrested and not in Iraq was best explained by the Hank Williams Jr. song “Family Tradition.”

If you think deregulating the airlines was stupid, wait until you get your natural gas bill this winter.

They’re gonna remove “under God” from the pledge? Next thing you know, they’ll remove “play ball” from “The Star Spangled Banner”!

Jesus is proudest of the churches with million-dollar pipe organs.

Poverty is not just the absence of money, but a condition of the spirit.

Eminent domain is just a fancy name for government theft.

Yes, Atlanta, your aquarium is bigger. But in Chicago, we can safely walk through our clean downtown to get to ours.

Why does the bartender in a cowboy movie never give change?

The sorriest people in the world are you venters who don’t understand that freedom of speech is what America is all about.

Too bad we’ve already spent all of our money on the disaster we created in Iraq.

Everything that has ever been deregulated is screwed up.

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