The Bush Legacy of Scientific Negligence

Jeffrey Sachs is a professor of economics and the director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York City. Here is an excerpt from an article he recently wrote about the Bush administration's lack of scientific acumen:

"There is a deep disconnect between scientific knowledge and political decisions. Bush bears much responsibility for this. He has proven to be one of America's least knowledgeable presidents when it comes to science - and one of the most ready to turn science into a political issue."


Anonymous said...

The Bush administration makes everything political. You disagree with the war in Iraq? Well, you don't support the troops. You must hate America. You must want the terrorists to win.

It the same Bushit no matter what the topic.


Tom said...

Freeance is on the march! Bitches...

and just an F.Y.I., it's "terraists".. kthx