Old Farts & New Music

Even though I now qualify as an “old fart,” I still listen to music every day; and more importantly, I still buy albums. Yes, I'm one of those dinosaurs that still walks into retail stores and buys CDs without downloading them first. Due to my advanced age, I listen to lots of music that some might call “oldies,” but I also buy new stuff on occasion. I suspect a lot of us are the same: we treasure classics from our past, but still have an open ear for good new music, too.

A post on the Mojo Magazine (http://www.mojo4music.com/) website this week asked people to pick the "Best Bands" that have formed in the last 15 years. Anything before 1990 is ineligible. Lots of people chose acts such as Radiohead, White Stripes, Super Furry Animals, Black Crowes (although, if my memory is correct, they started in the late 80s), Beck, Stereolab, Mercury Rev, and the Dave Matthews Band. Some good music there, but none of those artists would have been at the top of my list.

What about you other music freaks out there? I’d like to know if there are any other “musts” that I’m missing. It doesn’t have to be a “band” necessarily; any recording artist will qualify.
Here are my own picks of “new artists” from the last 15 years that I've enjoyed the most:

Fountains of Wayne
Spearhead/Michael Franti
Ben Folds
Patty Griffin
Josh Rouse
Kings of Leon
Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown
East River Pipe


Jimbob said...

3 of the bands you mention --- Ryan Adams, Wilco and especially The Jayhawks, are at the top of my list also. I came across The Jayhawks playing on Austin City Limits one night and went out the next day and bought the CD " Rainy Day Music ". Great songwriting and harmonies, reminds me a lot of early Eagles/Poco. Doesn't hurt that they have original Eagle Bernie Leadon playing banjo on " Tailspin ". Or that they collaborate with the great Matthew Sweet, another favorite !

A few more artists I've taken a liking to in the past couple of years are:

1. Fireball Ministry
2. Fu Manchu
3. Robert Bradleys' Blackwater Surprise
4. VAST ( Visual Audio Sensory Theater )
5. Black Mountain

John in Atlanta said...

Along with entries from both lists I would like to add:

Diana Krall
John Mayer (much better live than on his CDs)
Green Day

Those just a tad over 15 years but deserving of mention:

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Given time I could come up with a more complete list.

Jimbob said...

All good choices also John. I like Diana Krall a lot and how cool is it that she married Elvis Costello ?