This is NOT a trick question

What do you call an event in which participants are screened, surrounded by police, and marched on a fenced-in route, all off-limits to the media?

"Freedom Walk", of course.

Can you say IRONIC? I'm also thinking MORONIC. They're spending millions on their little Iraq = Al Qaida party in the name of honoring those killed on 9/11. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the party should be cancelled immediately and whatever funds are left should be sent to NO. If for nothing else they should cancel it out of condolence for the dead and displaced. Nothing gets in the way of a good old Republican celebration or vacation does it?


E'l Roy said...

Moronic: Honoring those killed on 9/11 (civilians) by marching from the PENTAGON (D.O.D.) to Arlington Nat. Cemetery (military).

How can they possibly get away with something like this? Maybe they're hoping the sound of FEMA's head, Brownie, being lopped off will be enough of a distraction.

Tom said...

And they get issued a pair of fake dog tags for attending.

Here's a suggestion. Take every last person that shows up, put them in a military plane and deposit them in Baghdad.

I had a thought today.. (imagine that).

Remember the movie, The Matrix? Remember how there were millions of people, living out their day to day lives, completely unaware of the existence of the matrix?

That's how the world seems to me now. There are the small number of us who have been unplugged from the matrix, and who can see things for what they are. The vast majority of people truly believe the things they do. They don't choose to be blind to reality. They are not evil at heart. It is simply the wool that has been pulled over their eyes to blind them from the truth.

By the way.. military recruiters are trolling the places where the survivors are congregated.. lovely..

Anonymous said...

Military recruiters to evacuees: "Well, since you're basically fucked anyway, why not join the Army?"


John in Atlanta said...

Tom is absolutely right. It's like we're in an alternate reality where the population has been drugged or has been hypnotized. Some of us didn't swallow our pills or look at the pretty light. It's really strange. I never thought I'd view Barry Goldwater, Bob Barr or Newt Gingrich as moderate. I thank god that people are starting to wake up from the nightmare. Is it too late yet?

Big Sister said...

tom just described my dad and stepmother. They are not evil at heart, yet, they still choose to approve by not disapproving of this administration in spite of everything.