Only in America?

George W. Bush has a knack for making inaccurate if not purely stupid comments. And many of the things he says, whether intentional or not, clearly gets under the skin of foreign countries.

Take this statement that he made last week in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:
“In America we do not abandon our fellow citizens in their hour of need.”

Seems innocuous at first, but think about it; is the monkey king implying that other countries actually DO abandon their citizens when disaster strikes? That’s not true at all. Even communist and “Evil Empire” countries such as Cuba and Iran are quick to help their own people in a crisis. Besides having a monopoly on “morals” and “decency” does Bush also think that his “In God We Trust” America is the head of some sort of elite Good Samaritan league? It’s no wonder that other countries think Bush is an inconsiderate jerk and mental midget.

But what if someone said this of America: Why does the world’s superpower abandon its poor, homeless, and elderly citizens in their time of need? Go and visit a Nursing Home or the streets of a metropolitan city and think about what the word “abandon” means. There’s the sad evidence.

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