Is evolution an accident?

Many people, and now some school boards, say that life is so complex and improbable it could only have been designed by a higher intelligence. And so we debate evolution vs. intelligent design.

Evolution is relentless in its mindless change. Billions of failures, and far fewer successful improvements, have brought forth today's life. So the better question is whether a designer really created us or, as evolution's survivors, have we in fact created the designer to give our accidental existence meaning.

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Tom said...

Don't ask questions that can't be answered. It's far easier to stick with the knowns..

Known: The universe exists, but it shouldn't because that would imply time exists, and it's impossible to have a begning of a time. That makes my head hurt..

But: The universe was born into existince and it behaves according to a set of really complex rules - some that trail off into infinity, which again shouldn't be possible.

Therefore: I am a diest. I believe something caused the universe to exist, and beyond that nothing is proveable, and you'll only give yourself a headache trying to make sense of it.

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