According to the GAO propaganda is illegal

With Bill Bennett and Judith Miller getting all the attention lately this story nearly slipped by most Americans. The General Accounting Office released their reports related to the Armstrong Williams propaganda event last year. You remember. The Bushies paid "consulting fees" to Williams to assure the BushCo education agenda was "properly represented" in the media.

Following an inquiry requested by New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg and Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy, the General Accounting Office reported this week that, in fact, these activities violated the law. See Senator Lautenbergs press release:
In response to the scathing decision by the GAO, Lautenberg and Kennedy sent a letter to Education Secretary Margaret Spellings urging her to abide by the law and recover the misspent funds, and come to Capitol Hill immediately to meet with the lawmakers on this matter.

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Anonymous said...

The country, collectively, doesn't give a damn any more. Sad, but true.

Those who should be held accountable for this and many, many other misdeeds never will be held accountable, and the crap just keeps piling higher.

When will the average Joes and Janes wake up? I hope it's soon.