Who are the "bad guys" ?

"Is it moral to kill someone you don't know, a grunt probably just like yourself, just because the government says you can? Or you drop a bomb from thirty thousand feet to kill the bad guys, you bury women and children under the rubble of their own homes in the process, but you're not bothered because you didn't actually have to see the damage, that's moral? And the medals they give you afterward to reassure you that the slaughter was just. All that shit is an illusion, a soporific fed to killers to anesthetize them after they've killed."

The John Rain character in Barry Eisler's novel Hard Rain


Debra said...

Dress it up, make it look like a video game all the kids can play. Sounds like a series of books I would enjoy reading.

Bangkok Bertha said...

This is the first book that I've read by Eisler, but I'm gonna look for more. An interesting character (John Rain is actually a Hit Man) that lives in Japan (and has a Japanese parent). I think there at least two more books in the series. Much more intelligent than most typical crime/mystery novels.