President Gore Speaks

Imagine this: Al Gore - the true winner of the 2000 US Presidential election - is still in office. There is no war in Iraq and no climate of fear grips the rest of the world. The US is a respected country that does not interfere in the affairs of other foreign nations. I know; it’s pretty damn hard to fathom.

Meanwhile, as the fiddler continues to play, Al Gore speaks his mind. At an economic forum in Stockholm this week, Gore warned against the threat that global warming (a “theory” that the Bush administration continues to ignore) poses to the environment.

“The scientific community is just as clear about the consequences of global warming for our planet, as the meteorologists were very clear in their warnings about what could happen to New Orleans. My country is extremely attentive to the slightest increase in a risk from terror, and that’s appropriate. But why should we be so tolerant of risk where the future habitability of our planet is concerned?”

Imagine…an intelligent president! It would have been nice.


John in Atlanta said...

You are absolutely correct. It would have been nice. Kind of reminds me of that story by Ray Bradbury about the guy who goes back in time on a dinosaur safari and steps off the path and kills a butterfly. When he returns to his time he finds that things are horribly wrong. Right down to the Bush-like leader. I need to find that one and read it again. I haven't read it since high school. Any idea what it was called?

Tom said...

I'm still pissed at Gore for losing to a chimpanzee.. seriously..

One of the problems that Gore had was his "wooden" style. Stated simply - Bush "won" (got a lot of votes anyway) because he IS on the same plane as most Americans, which is to say stupid, and Gore merely tried to lower his presentation to that level. It backfired on him.

If you listen to him lecture at a University, or give a speech over seas, it's completely different then the speechs and debates prior to the election. If he hadn't dumbed down for the masses, he would have won I think.

Tom said...

Oh.. and the Bradbury work you refer to is called A Sound of Thunder... short story..

Jimbob said...

Like Aerosmith sang --- " Dream on, dream until your dreams come true ! ". Hey, it could still happen. If Shrub keeps going down the path he's on, maybe people will finally wake up and realize we need to elect somebody that actually knows what they're doing.
( Who's dreaming now ? )

Funny line on The Daily Show the other night --- " Some 16 Gulf Coast refineries are still shut down as a result of Hurricane Katrina. There hasn't been this big a disaster in the oil industry since Bush worked in it ".

Tom said...

Jon Stewart for prez.. ya.. he's a Jew and it'll really piss off the Christians..

If we're going to dream, lets dream big..