The Vent from the AJC - Triple Header


Halloween is a celebration of evil, what’s good about that?

When I grow up to be president, I’m going to take those oil company executives out to the woodshed and wear them out.

This winter’s natural gas bill will take about half of my Social Security check each month. Thanks again, Sonny, for deregulating natural gas. It helps the elderly a lot.
(Sonny Perdue is the Republican Governor of Georgia)


Bush going to New Orleans eight times after Hurricane Katrina is like me locking my barn eight times after all of my horses are stolen.

I’m only sad for Republicans because they have dragged the country down with them.

Now that we have religion back in politics, when do we start burning witches at the stake again?

I wish we could see the tape where they trained Bush and told him what questions to ask those troops.

Natural gas deregulation in Georgia was the Democrats’ idea. Enjoy your heating bills this winter.


It’s pretty sad that Bill Clinton is the best president we’ve had since Eisenhower. What do we have to do to get another FDR?

Cars in Decatur still sport John Kerry bumper stickers because it would be uncivil to replace them with stickers saying “We Told You So.”

Republican Sonny Perdue introduced natural gas deregulation in the Legislature while he pretended to be a Democrat. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Too bad none of the brass at the Pentagon has the courage to tell the strutter-in-chief to stop using the military for photo ops.

Whoever sent the “Halloween is evil” vent is a moron. All Hallows’ Eve originated in the Catholic Church to honor saints in the fifth century.

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