Bring the Boys Home

Back in 1970 Freda Payne scored the biggest hit of her singing career with the classic tune “Band of Gold.” One of her follow-up singles, “Bring the Boys Home,” isn’t as well known but it should be, not only for its pop delectability, but also for the important message it expressed. “Bring the Boys Home” was released in 1971 - during the height of the Vietnam War – and was a brave, heartfelt plea of a song, dressed-up in shimmering Motown-style strings and sweet soul: get our soldiers out of that mess of a war that you politicians got us into.

Fast forward to 2005 and it’s clear that the USA needs another public outcry, another call to “Bring the Boys – and girls - Home.” Who will sing the new version? And more importantly, who will listen?

“Mothers are praying
Send our sons back home
…What are they doing over there?
Can’t you see them trying to get home?
…Bring them back alive!”

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