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The Neocons and right wing one party state (I am right and you are wrong therefore you must be silenced and called a traitor) have hijacked the conservative party in the same way terrorists hijacked the Muslims. They follow and believe the same Mantra as Hermann Goering.

Perhaps we should stop calling the Republican party the G.O.P. The T.S.B.M would be more accurate: as in (T)here’s a (S)ucker (B)orn every (M)inute. We anti-Bushies aren’t quoting any syncophant’s propaganda. We say what we think. You neo-cons may as well be saying “Polly wants a cracker”. You just parrott the same lies we’ve heard over and over from Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, Limbaugh, Hannity ad nauseum, ad absurdum.

America just doesn’t look right as a third-world, banana republic dictatorship run by a cowardly, war-mongering, semi-literate, power-happy, greedy, faux-Christian puppet.

I find it incredibly sad that this country is so horribly divided over politics and religion. Red State/Blue State aside, I thought we all were Americans first and we were supposed to give a damn about one another’s well being as a priority. I also thought this was supposed to be a place where you shouldn't be afraid to speak your mind and heart without being attacked, constantly shouted down and labeled a traitor. Today’s “conservatives” think that being fair and balanced is to follow this president no matter what. They just blatantly shout down and ridicule anyone who disagrees with them. Or smear and undermine people’s lives as payback for not being a neoconservative and trying to stop the rampant corruption. Nothing is sacred any more, not even God.

The Bush administration makes me look back fondly upon the days when people had their panties in a twist over a stain on a size 12 blue dress.

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Mixter said...

Their blood-stained hands certainly make the spooge-stained dress controversy look silly.