Letter to Karl Rove

From: Wild Sects
Sent: 10/05/2005
To: Karl C. Rove [karl_c._rove@who.eop.gov]

Dear Karl Rove:

I just wanted to tell you that no matter how much indisputable evidence those fact-obsessed intellectual reporters release about you betraying America, I join the President in not caring diddly-squat about so-called national security when the only war that matters is the one we're waging against Democrats. So that makes you TOPS in my book! Anyway, however it happened, that bimbo Valerie Plame got what she deserved for marrying a moron who spouted crazy talk about Saddam bin Laden not having all those Nukepox Laser Deathrays you made President Bush promise we'd find. Heck, she should be happy that you only assassinated his CHARACTER!

Well, I would say don't let this 'Plame Game' get you down, but I'm sure you're already orchestrating your greatest-yet Machiavellian stratagem (replete with Clintonesque legalistic parsings) to slither out of doing any prison time - especially since you were polite enough not to use Mrs. Wilson's first name. So good luck with the indictments and likely cover-up conspiracy investigation, and next time you're whispering him sweet nothings, please tell Bob Novak I think his waxy tufts of silver ear hair are massively SEXY - in a totally non-homosexual way, of course!

Wild Sects



Tom said...

Have you been reading Jesus' General, or something like that?

Take it from an expert on such matters, Bob Novack can in no way be described as sexy.. unless you're really into Ann Rice, and the thought of getting sucked by a vampire turns you on..

Now unka Karl on the other hand.. now that's my cup of tea.. after all, my boy friend looks like Matt Cooper.. that's why I keep posting pictures of Cooper on my blog.. sort of an inside joke for the bf..

Rove is in that same sort of class..

John in Atlanta said...

Actually I got the letter from whitehouse.org. Funny site.