Let's play "Smokescreen"

In the latest round of “Smokescreen,” Tom DeLay’s legal team has subpoenaed Ronnie Earle. They want to ask him questions about “improper contact” with the grand juries. And even though Earle voluntarily accepted the subpoena (which, according to him, was improperly prepared), DeLay’s lawyers are claiming that he refused it, trying to make it look like he is evading the law.

Let’s not forget who’s really on trial here…

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Techunter said...

You are so unfamiliar with what is going on here.

Part 1: Tom DeLay was first "indicted" for a "conspiracy to violate campaign finance reform law". Too bad it turns out that at the time of the alleged incident, such was illegal.

Part 2: Ronnie Earle is refused an indictment by a second grand jury.

Part 3: Having learned from his previous mistakes, Earle chooses to make up a charge that he has proof that Tom DeLay is guilty of money laundering. His evidence? He has none.

Tom said...

Oh ya.. Earle is just making everything up because he doesn't like DeLay.. LOL

Tom DeLay is a vile human being for any number of reasons, unrelated to violating federal laws. That's just the icing on the cake.

It's quite enjoyable to listen to his Nixon-esque "I am not a crook" statements. It's fun to see him getting kicked in the balls by popular opinion...

And I still think we could help pay down the national debt if we install web cams in his prison cell so we can watch him get gang raped. I know I'd pay to see it.