I lived in Orlando years ago when Jeb Bush first ran for governor. At that time I knew that his election would mean oil rigs just off the coast of Tampa. He lost that election and basically whined about it publicly for some time.

Four years later he ran again. This time he adopted the popular stance of NO OIL RIGS in the Gulf. I knew it was only a matter of time before he got around to doing an about face on the issue. After all. We all know where his family got all their money, right? Sometimes it sucks to be right.

They (drilling opponents) continue to insist that a strong political front in Florida can stop all new drilling in the eastern Gulf.

"Sure they do," Bush said, deriding their position. "But that's great. I've talked to the fairy godmother about it."
WTF? Sounds like another "Chang" moment. These Bushies are Bonkers!

Gov. Bush reverses stance, now supports oil drilling rigs in eastern Gulf of Mexico

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