Blank and Blanker

Back in the early 1980s a record company in the US put out an album with the clever title; The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan. The catch: the record was totally blank; no sounds at all. What a brilliant idea! Truly captured the essence of the man.

A man in Thailand has been similarly inspired by a dullard politician. Chirmsak Pinthong, a Thai senator and outspoken critic of the current governement, recently published a book about the Prime Minister, and titled it Kwahm Dee Khong Thaksin (“The Good Deeds of Thaksin”). And, as you would expect, the pages of the thin, little book are entirely blank! Said Chirmsak:
“I’ve been prevented from expressing my views through regular mass media channels, so I will do so through a smaller apparatus.”

Meanwhile, we anxiously look forward to the US publication of a similar book concerning the "intelligence" of George W. Bush. More blank pages await!

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