Their Own Damn Fault?

It's becoming common knowledge that FEMA "wargamed" a hurricane strike in southern Louisiana this past July. Among the findings was that a hurricane would "leave 300,000 people trapped in New Orleans, many of whom would not have private transportation for evacuation." By now it's been discussed why many people couldn't just up and leave the city when the evacuation order came: not everyone has private transportation, it was the end of the month and many poor people were out of savings, where would they go if they could find transportation, what if the hurricane changed course and they were docked for missing work as many were threatened with, etc., etc. Nevertheless, Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, still insists on blaming those who "chose not to evacuate" New Orleans. Despite the fact that his own agency knew full well this would happen. Fucking unbelievable. Meanwhile, former Sen. John Edwards looks at the possible bright side and thinks that, at the very least, the New Orleans disaster may actually get people to notice the reach and effects of poverty in the region. Not to mention the ineffectiveness of the Dubya administration.

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