The Vent from the AJC


I am fed up and disgusted by Atlantans moaning about high gas prices. You have made the choice to be overdependent on your gas-guzzling cars. No one is stopping you from using public transit. The environment is more important than your morning commute.

The Bush administration couldn't organize a church picnic.

Until I see a gas station owner prosecuted, I'm saying Sonny (Governor of GA Sonny Perdue)is all talk and no action.

Bush says our lives will soon be returning to normal. But his will be returning to normal much, much faster than ours.

Get ready for the new video game, "Grand Theft Airboat: New Orleans."

That vent about George Bush bombing the Atlantic because that's where Katrina came from is so wrong. He would bomb the Pacific.

I'm going to start stealing cars so I can sell gas.

I went to New Orleans for a hurricane party and all I got was a plasma TV and 30 pairs of Air Jordans.

I knew the Louisiana Purchase was a bad idea.

The mayor of New Orleans should have threatened to remove someone's feeding tube. That would have gotten Bush and Congress off their duffs.

Sure would have been nice to have used some of W's tax cut money on New Orleans' levees.

New Orleans, I'm ashamed to be called a compassionate conservative.

If we could airlift food and water to Berlin after WWII, why can't we do the same for New Orleans?

I feel another tax cut coming.

I guess Bush thought New Orleans was in a blue state.

After reading the press reports about New Orleans, I'm glad to be safe here in Baghdad.

Here's a toast to the NRA! The right to bear arms is the only thing giving the
good people of New Orleans the ability to protect themselves from rescue helicopters.

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