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Letter to the Editor - AJC

Others lie, not Bush

Atlanta Journal-Constitution letter writers really have it right (Letters, March 11): Instead of castigating Dan Rather for lying to the American people and using fake documents to attack an elected official in an attempt to sway an election, we ought to pat him on the back.

Walter Cronkite, as much as I disagree with him on many issues, would never have shown so little integrity as Rather. Also, Cronkite acknowledges his liberal bias, while Rather refuses to.

President Bush never lied. Rather lied. Bill Clinton lied.

BEN SKOTT, Atlanta

My response as submitted to the AJC this morning. I'll let you now if they decide to print it. I'm not sure if the allotted time has passed since they printed my last letter.

Letter write Ben Skott seems to have his head in the sand or in FOX News which seems to be the same thing these days.

Mr. Skott: "...Cronkite acknowledges his liberal bias, while Rather refuses to."

I suppose, in his view, FOX News is genuinely fair and balanced. When you agree with the message it's difficult to fault the messenger.

Then Mr. Skott went on to say: "President Bush never lied. Rather lied. Bill Clinton lied."

Ok so just where are those weapons of mass destruction? Not only did President Bush lie and mislead but he continues to do so on a regular basis. Social Security "crisis" anyone? Dan Rather didn't lie. He was telling the truth. Just because his documents were allegedly forged they contained truthful information. I'm always amazed at what lengths conservatives will go to excuse the sins of their side.

By the way. Of course Bill Clinton lied. We on the left have ackowledged that. Let's see the right do the same when it comes to the lies coming from the Bush Administration.

JOHN ASEFF, Marietta

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