Spineless Democrats

Other than Barney Frank has anyone heard from any other Democrat about the utterly moronic way the Republicans have conducted themselves regarding Terri Schiavo? Hell, even John Warner spoke up about it AND HE'S A REPUBLICAN. If the Democrats don't grow some cajones they will continue to lose and put us at the mercy of insane right-wing politicians.

This column by Richard Cohen spells it out.
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Say what you will about DeLay, he is not afraid to state his beliefs and fight for them. Say what you will about the Democrats, they are. That's why DeLay's called "The Hammer." What would you call the Democrats? Never mind. When they're ready, they'll call you.
David Sirota also nails it...
Democratic strategist David Sirota said the Schiavo case creates three impressions. "Firstly, Republicans are zealots," he said. "Secondly, where the hell are the Democrats? And thirdly, well, at least the zealots believe in something strongly. And that's the problem for Democrats right now on this issue, and a whole host of others. The party seems unwilling to stand up for anything controversial."

"The calculus by Democrats is that they don't want to offend anyone," Sirota said. "But in trying not to offend anyone, they lose support from everyone. What many Democrats haven't yet learned from Republicans is that it is better to be loved by some, and hated by others, than try to be liked by everyone. Because when you do that, you are liked by no one."

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