Group disables Apple iTune restrictions

I can't afford an iPod. Or more accurately, iPods aren't worth to me what they cost. I'm perfectly happy with my Creative MuVo 512. I do, however, like iTunes quite a bit. Imagine my chagrin when I downloaded several songs on iTunes only to discover that they come in a MP4 format. MP4 is not compatible with my MP3 player. What to do? I now own songs that I can only hear on my computer.

PyMusique to the rescue!
A group of US and Norwegian programmers have joined forces to crack Apple's digital rights management software when downloading iTunes. They have developed a program called PyMusique, which allows users to legitimately enter the Apple site and buy iTunes, but then strip out the blocks that restrict the use of those tunes.
Now I'll be able to convert those MP4s into MP3s.

Read about it here.

Download it here.

Bear in mind that I haven't tried it yet. I was just so excited by the prospect of being able to actually use music files I paid for that I decided to post this now.

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