Guess what? Bush lied AGAIN!

Of course nobody is really surprised, right?
Health advocates say mercury is so harmful to fetuses and pregnant women that steps are needed to sharply control emissions; industry groups and the Bush administration have warned that overly aggressive measures would impose heavy costs.
New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data
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Anonymous said...

This plan falls short of cutting emissions by what existing Clean Air Act standards require! The "cap and trade" system could create so-called "hot spots" of mercury pollution in aras where a plant is allowed to emit more mercury because it purchased the "right" from a plant where less mercury is emitted.

To explain this another way, the worst polluters will be able to buy pollution "credits" from plants that give off less mercury than allowed!

This new EPA rule allows power plants in Wisco to avoid making mercury reductions altogether; the state's electric utilities won't have to do anything to meet the first phase of reductions in 2010.