Oil Climbs to a Record $57.50 as Demand Outpaces Supply Growth

I may be wrong but it seems to me that if the Bushians were to trade in their Ford Exorbitants and GMC Subdivisions for more sensible, environment-friendly cars and vans prices just might go down. It's a simple case of supply and demand. A huge SUV demands more fuel than a sensible vehicle. Therefore less demand and more supply. More supply, less cost.

Another thought: Less demand may then result in less oil production. Less production, higher oil costs. Hybrids anyone?

Story here.


g said...

First gear its alright
Second gear hold on tight
Third gear outta site
Even tho they juked me, they're only mostly good. If I skrewt the Beach Boyz lyrics, well, it's been what, twenty years? Ugh. More...

John in Atlanta said...

How about
Help me Honda, help help me Honda.
Help me Honda, help help me Honda
Help me Honda yeah. Git 'er outa my heart

g said...

Snort! Chuckle! Excellent!