Terry Schiavo Case: Guardian at Law

This is very interesting and informative. It should be required reading for everyone regardless of your position on Terri.

It's the transcript of an online discussion with Dr. Jay Wolfson - Professor of Public Health and Medicine, University of South Florida and Legal Guardian of Terri Schiavo. This was done on Wednesday, March 23, at 11 a.m. ET to discuss his role as special guardian for Terri Schivao in 2003 and his report on her condition to Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida courts.

One part that struck me was the fact that, in Florida, feeding tubes are considered "artificial life support". Many people have stated that Terri should have her feeding tube replaced because it isn't artificial life support. This may explain why the judges have all come to the same conclusion. They are following the law.
Alexandria, Va.: I think Terri's wishes should be followed and am pro-right-to-die. However, removing a feeding tube when she's not on any life support seems rather disturbing. Is there a harm is in allowing her to continuing to be alive, whatever that may mean?

For some reason, to me, removing a feeding tube seems a lot different than removing her from, for example a breathing machine.

Dr. Jay Wolfson: This is part of the crux of the debate -- but in florida and elsewhere, including according to the guidelines published by the American College of Cardinals, feeding tubes are defined as 'artificial life support'.
Read the transcript here.
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