The predictions of Madame Bush, fortune teller

Barbara Bush Says Hillary Clinton Will Lose In 2008
MODESTO, Calif. -- One former first lady is offering predictions about another.

Barbara Bush said former first lady, and current senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the Democratic candidate for president in 2008.
What else do you see in your crystal ball Madame Bush?
But Sen. Clinton won't be the nation's first female president, at least not according to Mrs. Bush.

Mrs. Bush, 79, said Clinton will lose in the next election.
What else? What else?
Mrs. Bush also predicted Condoleezza Rice won't run for president in the next election.
But wait... Rice has already stated that she wouldn't run. Not much of a "prediction".
Mrs. Bush spoke to high school and college students in Modesto, Calif. She told them she never dreamed she'd be the wife of one president and the mother of another.
Of course she never dreamed of it because it's more like a nightmare.
As for the current chief executive, his mother jokes that when he was a boy, she "just hoped he'd grow up."
Yep. We hope so too. We're still waiting.

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