How about a little consistency?

Where were DeLay and Frist when they killed this baby Tuesday?

Republican morality: If a business wants to remove the breathing tube from a baby against the wishes of his mother, the Republicans are nowhere to be found.


Anonymous said...

Little black male babies aren't as important as white women in Jeb's Florida.

How is it possible that they could remove this breathing tube against his mother's wishes? She must have no/crappy insurance.

Hypocrisy abounds...


Tom said...

Terrific blog..

John in Atlanta said...

Thanks Tom and it's good to see you again Mixter. I checked out both of your blogs and I must say I'm impressed and pleasantly surprised that there are more and more of us "Loony Lefties", as Mixter put it, out there :-)

xblues said...

Where are our so called "leaders"? Why isn't this being talked about. Someone needs to step up and say something. Maybe even try leading.

Anonymous said...

Where is our so-called "independent press"? When am I going to see or read about a reporter asking Delay about this at one of his press appearances. If he wants to talk about this subject to avoid his ethics problems, fine...but let's talk about what's happening to these cases in his home state of Texas as well! I betcha he'll disappear fast!

Kathy said...

You're right. There's no insurance; kid's on Medicaid. Boo-hoo.

Mom's also quite crazy. She claims kid was sired by "the sun" and "the sun" will decide when he dies (hence the name). It'd be a lot easier if "the sun" didn't have all the manmade appliances in the way.

Color, outcome, and money all make this case a no-go for the Rethuglicans. They can find nutball neuros who'll say whatever about Schaivo. Ain't nobody about to put his reputation on the line saying this kid has a chance.

I do wish they would, though.

tony g said...

interestig that the baby was also, if not in his district, at least in Tom DeLay's backyard


John Clifford said...

As someone who supports Terri's parents, this looks like another tragedy.

My question is, could the baby have ever lived without being on a ventilator? Could it have grown sufficiently so that its lungs would have developed enough to support it?

If the answer was, "No" then I think the court made the right decision. If the answer was, "Yes" then I think a horrible miscarriage of justice was done.

From reading the article and doing a little research, it looks like the child would never have developed normally and would probably have died eventually even if kept on the ventilator.

How does this differ from Terri Schiavo? Well, she does not need to be on a machine to live. She only needs to have sustenance provided... just as we all do. In the past Terri was fed orally, but her husband discontinued this and had the feeding tube installed as a cost-saving measure (it was more expensive to pay a nurse to feed Terri than to pay a nurse to hook up a food bag to the tube).

If Terri can live with minimal care (feeding), then I think she should be allowed to live. I also think that she hasn't had her day in court. Get an MRI done. Let both sides choose a panel of physicians, and let this panel come to a concensus. Let them try therapy. What is the harm?

It's not like trying all of these things would kill her, is it?

John in Atlanta said...

When I first heard of Terri's situation I was all for anything that would prolong her life. The more I found out the more I realized that the doctors and the courts have determined that there is no hope for recovery and that Terri's wishes were to never be in this situation. I can't understand why people who want to see her live can't grasp that concept. I told my wife that if I were in Terri's place I would want the tube removed.

If Terri was being fed orally prior to the insertion of the tube why not have her family continue that? Again that too would go against Terri's wishes.

As for the baby in Texas - it wasn't the courts that ordered the plug to be pulled. It was the hospital. After seeing that the mother couldn't afford to continue care. The Texas legislature gave the hospital that power. Guess who signed that legislation? George Bush when he was governor. Why was it ok to allow hospitals to save money and kill babies but it's not ok for a woman's wishes to be carried out?