Friggin' spyware!!!

A couple of weeks ago I had an especially nasty (in every sense of the word) piece of spyware on my computer that I couldn't seem to get rid of. At the time I was using AdAware and SpyBot which usually worked well. Or so I thought. A couple of times I thought I had gotten rid of the nasty only to have it show up again the next day.

WinXP News to the rescue. In the newsletter I receive from them they endorsed a product called Counterspy. Here's what they say about it:

CounterSpy was chosen as PC World's BEST BUY. For good reason:
CounterSpy has the best spyware database in the industry, the
highest detection rate, and has the fastest scan times. It's just
$19.95, and that includes a subscription of one year with updates,
upgrades and technical support. Best of all, you can help fighting
spyware! Become a member of ThreatNet (one click) and you can report
on suspicious malware. Spyware is a threat to your privacy and slows
down your PC. The answer is CounterSpy. It has Active Protection™,
call it a "spy-wall." Buy CounterSpy now for $19.95, get live tech
support from right here the U.S.!

I took advantage of the 15 day eval and gave it a try. It not only removed the nasty I had been trying to get rid of but found several others that SpyBot and AdAware had overlooked. Needless to say I plunked down my $20 and bought it. I have not regretted it. It's a very powerful tool.

In today's newsletter, WinXP News announced "CounterSpy Wins PC WORLD BEST BUY". Read about it here.

Go ahead and try it for 15 days. Get it here.

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