Santorum's web site censors his own poll results

Evidently Santorum recently took a poll on his web site concerning who supported personal accounts as part of Dubya's "reworking" of the Social Security system. Go look at his site and you WON'T find the results. But you will find the results on the web site of one of his challengers, Chuck Pennacchio, who had the foresight to make a screen capture.

Santorum doesn't have the stones to give us the results of a poll from HIS VERY OWN WEB SITE! Instead, he boasts about the wonderful reception he's getting around Pennsylvania on the subject of Social Security reform. Even that is a lie, as Santorum has been greeted by hecklers at nearly every stop on his Town-hall speaking tour. A witness at Drexel University says that Santorum was received by a raucus crowd against his proposal.

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Can you say fuck nut. I thought you could!