See what the world thinks about us

I don't care what the braindead half of the country says. IT MATTERS! Bush really has alienated vast swaths of humanity, and the only place that isn't screamingly obvious is within our own borders.

It's a bit like having to live in an alcoholic household. Inside the house, Dad's really a good guy who just needs us to love him a little more and work a little harder and meanwhile the "good" kids are the ones enabling him. The ones who actually see that he's just a selfish f***ing drunk are very, very bad.

I suppose this puts people like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh in the enabling-mother role, unable to see the faults in the man they love, no matter how obvious, and willing to lash out at anyone who asks why he's picking fights, not taking care of the house, and running up enormous debts.

Seems about right.


Thanks to Bob Harris

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