Asshat Quote of the day

Get out the puke bucket before reading this one.

"George W. is the most amazing president. How could anyone have imagined that such a man, who lacks all the credentials to conduct foreign policy (he hasn't traveled, he hasn't studied foreign cultures, he doesn't speak foreign languages, his knowledge of world history is skimpy, and he hasn't memorized the last decade of the New York Times) would turn out to have the best foreign-policy instincts imaginable? He reminds me more and more of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. He has the most important quality of a great leader: He instinctively finds the words to express what the American people believe. And his are simple words, not fancy ones."
-Micheal Ledeen

Who is Michael Ledeen?


Bangkok Bertha said...

Who is this guy? keep in mind that I'm very isolated from American culture.

John in Atlanta said...

This will explain him much better than I can. He is definitely one of the bad guys.

Bangkok Bertha said...

You're right: a damn scary individual spearheading a damn scary movement. Who raised these cretins?