Southern Decadence

This is just sick. Apparently God sent Katrina to New Orleans because of the upcoming "Southern Decadence" celebration. Now that's my kind of god (tongue planted firmly in cheek). Kill hundreds of innocent people so those gay folks won't have a place to party. WHAT A BUNCH OF SICK FUCKS THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT ARE!


Tom said...

The NO mayor is saying "thosands" now, and the former mayor is saying 80,000 are threatened.

I've never been to NO for Decadence, but it was on my list of things to do. It sounded like fun. I have been for mardi gras though, and I had a nice time.

It's going to be a long while before the city is ready for tourists.

Oh.. and ya.. I think the religious freaks are a bunch of sick fucks too.. hypocritical fucks no less..

Anonymous said...

Funny, the French Quarter (the place where all the decadence was to take place) is about the only part of the city that isn't under water and won't be totally destroyed.

I love irony.


John in Atlanta said...

Good Point! I love it when Mixter brings up something we all missed.