OK I can die now - I've heard it all

I have no words. Just go read it.
Church: God Punishing GIs Over Gays


E'l Roy said...

I caught the Majority Report on AirAmerica one night, when Sam Seder spoke with Mrs. Phelps of the very same church. It was darkly funny, listening to this fucktard, speaking with complete conviction; you have to laugh, or else the terror, of realizing that there are many people who feel that way, would incapacitate you.

Tom said...

Would it be in poor taste for me to call for the assasination of Fred Phelps? I suppose so.. damn liberal sensitibilities!

John in Atlanta said...

I hear ya. Part of me says "Kill the bastard" but that would be lowering myself to his level. That's way too far of a drop. Maybe if got ignored by the media he'd go away but they love that shit and lap it up.