"What I read on my summer vacation"

Many thanks to Bangkok Bertha for pointing this out to me. It's a column by Mark Kurlansky. Author of Salt: A World History. One of Dubya's supposed summer reading choices. It actually looks like a fascinating read. I never realized how historically important salt was. The author makes a good point that all the fuss over common salt seems a little silly today and that hopefully Dubya will realize that, in time, the fights over oil will look equally foolish. I'm not holding my breath. Looking silly seems to be the one thing in which Dubya excels.
Hope you like my book, Mr Bush

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Bangkok Bertha said...

I still find it very hard to believe that Bush can read an entire book that doesn't consist mostly of photos or illustrations. His reading habits - or lack thereof - contrasts sharply with Clinton, who was a big reader.