Is Bush out of control?

According to this excellent article that Mixter found, I'd say HELL YES!


Jijmbob said...

Man, that is scary ! As long as Bu$h remains in office we are SO screwed ! Obviously, there's no such thing as a perfect President but this guy doesn't even begin to come close. Back before the 2000 election Readers Digest, of all magazines, ran an article basically saying that Bu$h was unfit to run the country. Yeah, an ex-alcoholic, draft dodging, 3 time buisness failure is who I want making decisions that affect me, my country and the entire world ! And don't you love these gas prices ? Lesson to be learned --- never elect a President whose family made its fortune in oil !

Tom said...

Yow! Nice read..

As I get through my day, I become increasingly upset that there seems to be only a handful of us that give a shit about this..

All anyone really has to do is watch video tapes of Bush - even the debates will do. If you have any ability at all to read body language, you can see how hard he restrains himself from exploding in rage.

John in Atlanta said...

I noticed that during the debates. Whenever Kerry slipped in a zinger I could see the tension in Bush rise. I was hoping he'd lose his cool and blow a gasket. I'm beginning to think that the box on his back was a control device rather than a communication device. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.