"We Don't Care"

...tell us something we don't already know.

Well, I think we’ve met the new Repug/RW slogan. It's been shouted at a Gold Star mother who is trying to turn the grief over the loss of her son into change. It's been shouted here by disruptors against everything we say is wrong with this administration and where it's taking our country and the world.

Hey, at least they’re finally being honest.

And, I hate to tell them, but they aren't telling us anything we didn't already know about them. We know they don't care about the environment, because they love their SUVs and any mention of trying to curb our energy dependence on oil sends them into fits. We know they don't care about the reputation of our country, because they support sending Bolton to the UN. They don't care that there are people in our country without access to health care because they work for a company that doesn’t provide insurance, because that would cut into profits.

They don't care about the civilians in Iraq, because they think the "liberal media" is doing something wrong by occasionally, when pushed to the wall by activists, reporting on some of tragedies that have been caused by the war. They don’t care about the Geneva Convention or human rights, because they ignore the abuses that have been going on in Gitmo and other places. They don't care about our soldiers, because they think it's just fine to have them fighting a war without a foreseeable end, with a lack of equipment, and anybody who suggests that maybe we should talk about bringing them home is labeled, by them, to be a traitor.

They don't care about our Constitution, because they support the PATRIOT act, which basically shreds the Bill of Rights and they act like the ACLU is somehow un-American for trying to guard some of our remaining civil rights. They don't care that their beloved Bush Administration is the most corrupt administration many of us have seen in a long time, with their secrecy, underhandedness, and war profiteering.

In everything they do, in everything they believe, in everything they are, in the way they have chosen to live their lives, they have shown us that they don't care.

How is that a rallying cry? How is that something that you want to be known for? How emotionally and morally decrepit do you have to be to make a phrase like "I don’t care" something to be shouted at a mother who has lost her son in this country’s military? How is that a stance? "I don’t care." What pride is there in that when you are talking about lives of other human beings? What pride is there in that when talking about our country? What pride is there in that when talking about our future?

If they have ever shown their true colors, it is with this phrase. They do not care – not about us, our children, our world, our environment, our rights, peace, or justice. And the remarkable thing is that, by their actions and their attitudes, they show us that THEY don’t care about their country, their children, their world.

The only thing they do care about is themselves. And to me, that makes them pretty damn horrible people.

And no, they do not need to tell me that. I already know. I just wonder why they think it’s something to be proud of.

Thanks to Lisa Lynne

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Tom said...

I like your posts where you write at length about your point of view.

I'm sitting here going.. ya.. ya.. that's fucking right.. exactly..

and then I reach the end and I remember that most American's don't "get it" and I get pissed off all over again.

Can we please bring back Bill Clinton now?