Please donate to The Red Cross

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I don't often donate to charities, not because I'm a tightwad, but because I'd rather donate to political action that better addresses problems in the long-term. But right now there's a number of people in New Orleans who can't wait for the long term.

Please, donate to the Red Cross today. The aftermath of Katrina is nothing short of catastophic. We can and should discuss the impact of global warming on tropical storms, the poor planning of having our National Guard and their equipment dispatched halfway around the world, or merely the incompetence of Dubya who prefers to make speeches about Social Security privatization while New Orleans drowns.

But those are debates for tomorrow. Today, people need our help. Please, offer some.

I'm in for $10. It's not much, but it's what I can afford right now. I'll donate more in the near future.

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