The Vent from the AJC


I suggest all you SUV drivers move to Iraq. Gas is only a nickel a gallon!

Any American administration that gives our money to a foreign government should be impeached and tried for grand larceny.

Republican ticket for 2008: John McCain, Zell Miller.
-with Zell on the ticket it would ensure a Democratic win - what a nutjob!

Democracy: Where any two idiots can outvote a genius.

Yes, our soldiers are volunteers and sign on the dotted line with assurances that their government will lead them into an honest and worthwhile conflict. Iraq is neither.

Call me an environmental wacko if you want, but I still think destroying the Alaskan wilderness so you can drive your Humvee three blocks to buy smokes is a bad trade.

Saddam was removed months ago. Why are our boys still there?

Has "what's good for big business is also good for the people" started working yet?

Sign seen at a Cobb County gas station: "Bush/Cheney bumper sticker removed with each fill-up."

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