One soldier's reaction to the cross incident

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My husband has been a soldier for 10 years and is currently stationed in Korea. He served in Iraq from 2003-2004. He is not afraid to discuss his hatred for Bush or his hatred for this war with anyone in the army. He's been warned about his open Bush bashing.

This month he is doing some special training and they don't have access to television for the entire month. A few days ago news of Cindy Sheehan camping outside Bush's ranch reached them. They have discussed it and no one he works with is offended, their morale isn't lowered. They support her.

I have only seen my husband become emotional about this war once. Normally he talks about how much he is against it but in more of a matter-of-fact way. He tries not to let it bother him. However, during Michael Moore's "Fahreheit 9/11" he cried during a part showing the Iraq war. He had returned from Iraq probably about 4-5 months prior to that. He never cries.

This morning when I told my husband about the incident with the crosses was the second time I heard him become emotional about the war. When I told him someone had driven down the crosses erected for dead troops he became dead quiet (very unusual for him). The next time he spoke I could hear the anger dripping from his voice and it started to crack like he was tearing up. He was too angry to even discuss it and said "I have to go" and hung up. It had nothing to do with the crosses themselves as we are atheists. It had to do with the disrespect to the fallen troops.

That's how this shithead made the soldiers feel when he mowed down their crosses.

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Tom said...

God, I'm so angry and all I can do is post more f-bombs on my blog..

this sucks..