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Letter to the editor - AJC

Tragedies aren't limited to battle

Why does the AJC spend so much space on individuals killed in battle?

To put things in the proper prospective, it should also list on Page One in large bold type the daily casualties in the United States caused by bad drivers, murders, drownings, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, party drunks, stupidity, etc.

My deepest sympathy goes to Mary Ann MacCombie for her loss, but her son was doing his duty and serving his country. His life could have been ended by someone or something among those items listed.

ED WOLAK, Moreland

Yes Ed, his life could have ended in an auto accident or a hurricane but it didn't. It was ended by the violence we caused in Iraq. What a fucking idiot you are!

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Tom said...

I find it's hard to describe in words how angry stupid people make me.

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people can miss the obvious point of things that happen in life. The "he might have died in a car accident anyway" rationale is a new one to me.

I really need to speak with an old person to find out if it's always been like this, or if this is a more recent phenomenon. I can't imagine that there have always been millions of Americans who always miss the obvious point.