Welcome another good liberal blogger

..and he's from Atlanta too!

Bob Rasey dot net

Funny tidbit:
One of my favorite Larry David quotes from Curb Your Enthusiasm addresses this very issue of Christian proselytizing:

Why do Christians take everything so personally with Christ ya know? It's like not only do you have to worship him; you want everybody to. It's like I like lobster. Do I go around pushing lobster on people? Do I say you must like lobster? Eat lobster it's good it's good! It's not only where you live, you go to Africa you travel all over the world. Eat lobster, have some more lobster it's good. WE WANT YOU TO HAVE LOBSTER!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, what do you think about a "Progressive Atlanta Bloggers" concept? Something to make it easier for Atlantans to find us. Wouldn't have to be much more than a sort of mini-blogroll. Something to bump us up on google.

I don't remember how I found your blog... but it was only a week ago or so. And it wasn't via a direct route.

John in Atlanta said...

That sounds like an excellent idea. There may already be one out there. I'm just not sure how to go about being included. Any ideas?