Another good place to land

Go visit left coaster E'l Roy over at maybe you've already heard... He has some excellent things to say. I think you'll like it unless you're "anonymous" :-)


Anonymous said...

Amazing job on your Blog! I'll definatly be coming back. If you're interested, check out my Xbox360 Blog on the hidden Xbox360 Secrets.

E'l Roy said...

Are they anonymous because they're dirtbags or because they can't spell?

Thanks for the plug!

death_to_jihad_and_all_who_suppor said...

I can spell and i shall speak my mind....if you hippie whusses are so up in arms about the situation of America (America one of the only few civilized countries other than Britan and Australia to stick up for the civilized non barbaric world, FUCK FRANCE AND GERMANY WHILE I AM AT IT) and the world today move the fuck away....go to a country that is not as accomidating as the good 'ol US of A and let the rest of us know how you like it....most likely you would move to British Columbia so you could smoke you BC bud if not there i challenge you to move to the breeding grounds of the hate religion (ANY muslim country if your decrepid pot infused minds can not comprened that).......with that being said your feeble minds have been tainted by the foolishness of the enemy....and you are not Americans, you are the enemy posing as citizens and when the revolution starts you shall be rounded up as the cattle that you are. To hell with you http://crushthecrescent.blogspot.com you pussies couldnt handle the content so kiss my ass, with that being said go back to you pot you fucks, and to the real Americans giving their all and putting their lives on the line.....KILL EM' ALL and come home safely to fellow Americans such as yourselves who care and respect what you are dong for our free world.....PUSSY LIMP WRIST LEFT WINGERS http://crushthecrescent.blogspot.com for all the real Americans

John in Atlanta said...

I see we shamed anonymous into actually using a tag. A rather ignorant one but it beats anonymous I suppose. I tried to "comprened" what he wrote but it's just so 5th grade. I'll bet his mother is real proud of him.

Tom said...

Wow John.. you really did pick up a serious case of the dirtbag-hillbilly-freaks..

It is nice how well they tend to reinforce the stereotypes. Whenever someone accuses me of painting with a broad brush, I can simply trot out that rabid frothing as evidence that the stereotypes are indeed correct.

Furthermore, I suspect that Mr. Death_to_Jihad fits the conditions detailed in the Cornell study, which I referenced and wrote about on my blog here: To wit, a very small penis, latent homosexuality, and low testosterone levels.

In addition to the conclusions of the study, I add my own observation that the anger and hatred that fills Mr. Death_to_Jihad is probably a result of intense self-loathing and feelings of low self-esteem.

His dad probably kicked his ass on a regular basis as well.. LOL

Oh.. and for Death_to_Jihad, if you are confused by some of the big words we use on our blogs, you can look them up at dictionary.com

John in Atlanta said...

Picking up a dirtbag of his caliber is like stepping in shit and then not being able to scrape it off your shoe.

E'l Roy said...

DTJ, I thought you said you could spell. That makes you a liar just like the rest of the windbags to whom you probably listen.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Poor spelling, poor grammar, poor sentence structure, and lack of original thoughts. This loser's a winner!

I've got an idea, Mr. Jihad, why don't YOU crawl back under the rock you from which you emerged?

Leave critical thought to those who are actually equipped for it!