Can you spot the real threat to national security?

Bob Harris poses an interesting question. Who will Dubya have arrested first? Osama Bin Forgotten or Cindy Sheehan? See his take on it here.


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot, W is the man cleaning up this tyrannical, hate-filled earth. It's people like you that love all of your rights, including the 1st amendment, but don't want to protect this great nation from murderers and rapists. Saddam, for instance, is being tried in court for mass murders, grave sites of thousands, did you miss that?
Bin Laden has formulated the greatest attacks on the US ever, did you sleep in? Get the fuck out of our country and live where you belong, a communistic regime where you and all enemies of the state can hate us.

John in Atlanta said...

So how was that Kool-Aid? You obviously enjoyed several glasses.

Tom said...

LOL - classic..

I'm going to lift that and dissect it on my blog.. it's simply perfect..

Anonymous said...

Trash talkin', free loadin', no shower takin', tree huggin' stink hippies. You are all a bunch of worthless fucks who are lucky that they live in the US. If it was any other country, your bullshit "vegetarian ideals" would get you dragged throught the streets behind a Datsun. I hope you run into me at a bar during my weekly NRA meeting so we can teach you some real American values.

barryg said...

I emailed your url to Mike at www.whatreallyhappened.com hope he posts it.
Anymouse I wouldn't be afraid to meet you anywhere you are obviously such a chicken you won't even post your name in an internet blog. You are about as brave as your leaders.
I am anti war because I have been there done that and I have the scars to prove it. I can still put 10 out of 10 in the black at 600 yards through peepsites, with a scope over 1000 yards.

John in Atlanta said...

Thanks barryg - I appreciate it!