It's about damn time!

Real Time with Bill Maher starts up again on Friday August 19th at 11pm. Be there or, well, don't be there :-)


E'l Roy said...

Did you catch Bill on Larry King? It was great. Especially when the woman called who said she's spoken to God, and she asked Bill what he would do if God spoke to him.

"I'd check myself into Bellevue," was his reply.

John in Atlanta said...

That's too good! I'm sorry I missed it.

Jimbob said...

I liked when Larry King asked Bill Maher what he thought of the Bolton appointment and Bill replied " --- it's like hiring a nanny who hates kids ! " Funny stuff ! I don't have HBO but I'm thinking about it now !

John in Atlanta said...

That's the ONLY reason I have HBO - it sure isn't for the movies. They
always show them after I rent them. Either that or I don't care to see
them :-)

Jimbob said...

Exactly why I don't have it now !