Rush Limbaugh is an asshat gasbag

Rush Limbaugh, on air, called Paul Hackett a "staff puke." Repeatedly.

Paul Hackett served as a civil affairs officer in Iraq. Eleven civil affairs soldiers and marines have died in the Iraqi theater. What's more, Paul Hackett led marines in combat while in Iraq. And, it goes without saying, he faced deadly violence every day he was in the country.

Rush Limbaugh avoided military service thanks to a pilonidal cyst. Paul Hackett volunteered to serve, even though no one had asked him to.

Rush Limbaugh (to no one's surprise) joins the long list of Republicans who, rather than respect those who have honorably served in our nation's military (as should be expected), instead disgracefully spit upon them. How disgusting. What is wrong with these people?

Thanks to Swing State Project


Mixter said...

The pilonidal cyst is the origin of Rush Limbaugh being a pain in the ass.


Jimbob said...

Paul Hackett served his country, voluntarily, without becoming addicted to Oxycontin. And who's the " staff puke " --- ?