This is me trying to talk sense to a Dubya supporter


E'l Roy said...

Great blog! From the Left Coast to you -- Keep it up!

John in Atlanta said...

Thanks E'l Roy!

death_to_jihad_and_those_who_support said...

Piece of garbage....you must be someone plotting a terror attack.....support our President and what he does...if you feel you are better than our country get the hell out, go ahead and clear way for a real American who knows the values of America and how we are not barbarians.....you piece of scum, you should be so happy that you can spout your perverted thoughts in such a way, if you were anywhere else you would be headless......you better thank GOD for America when you think about your worthless life. http://crushthecrescent.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

"If you were anywhere else you would be headless?"

A guy without a brain telling someone they shouldn't have a head! That's ironic.

(Psst... look it up in the dictionary. I know it's confusing.)