You know the GOP is full of hypocrites anyway so this shouldn't be surprising

"If Clinton makes a recess appointment, it's a finger in the eye of the Senate. I think you'd find there would be an awful lot of repercussions from that. I think there'll be a slowdown on a lot of things from the president. I think you're going to have difficulty getting judges through. They're going to have difficulty on the appropriations process. I think there'll be attempts by some to really let the president know you don't do this."
-Orin Hatch, December 15, 1997

"If the President recess appoints him, it would be an unfortunate elevation of politics above due respect for the Senate, its procedures and its constitutional responsibilities. It would serve as evidence, in my opinion, that this Administration does not wish to achieve consensus on this difficult issue but is instead intent on playing wedge politics. It would be taken very badly by Republicans on Capitol Hill."
-Orin Hatch, November 24, 1997

"I need respect and cooperation from the administration during the recess period if they expect to have my respect and cooperation after the first of the year. So I would not expect them to give a recess appointment. It would really poison the well for next year."
-Trent Lott, December 4, 1997
I couldn't resist adding this one. It's a real gem. Republicans talked about Clinton's disrespectful, contemptuous ways in the appointment process, but get this:
"The administration, in its eagerness to win Senate confirmation for its nominees [to regulatory agencies], has agreed to let Senate Republicans take the lead in naming candidates for Republican slots."
-Washington Post, August 02, 1997.
And we all know what Clinton got for being so accommodating.

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