Andrew Sullivan gets it right

In the past I've criticized Andrew for being just another right wing parrot but lately he's been all over the Bushies for being, well, fucked up. Mr. Sullivan weighed in on the Republican outrage of Sen. Dick Durbin and got it exactly right.
DURBIN SAID NOTHING WRONG: I've now read and re-read Senator Dick Durbin's comments on interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay. They are completely, perfectly respectable. ... I'm just amazed that some can view what has happened and their first instinct is to attack those who have criticized it, rather than those who have perpetrated it. It is this administration that has brought indelible shame on America, and it's people like Dick Durbin who prove that some can actually stand up against this stain on American honor and call it what it is. Good for him. Thank God for him.
UPDATE: Go tell Senator Durbin that you agree with him and that he has NOTHING to apologize for.


Tom said...

Sullivan is simply all over the map..

Lets not forget that Andrew is reaping what he sowed. Sure, he can cry about it now, but he didn't say a thing when he had a chance...

He supported Bush in 2000, and he got the anti-gay freaks that go along with it. He supported the war, and now he gets the gulags, and the death and destruction that go along with that too... He supported the Bush tax cuts, but now he gets the deficits that go along with that...

In short, Andy wants to be a cog in the fascist machine, but he doesn't want the consequences that go along with that..

I'm as guilty as the next of quoting him as if to say "See! Here's a conservative who has seen the light!"

John in Atlanta said...

I don't think he's quite seen the light but when a conservative speaks sanely for a change it deserves some sort of mention. It's weird. One day he sounds like a blithering idiot and the next he seems rational. Maybe he's schizo.